Standard Concrete Products stocks ADS pipe in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 6 inches, in either a solid or perforated style. Our purchasing department would be glad to specially order any larger sizes that you may need, up to 24 inches. Standard Concrete Products handles black ADS pipe which is corrugated, and we also have a full line of ADS fittings.

Standard Concrete Products sells both DWV (also referred to as “thin wall” or “sewer and drain”) and Schedule 40 styles of PVC pipe in both perforated and solid. Our sizes of PVC range from 3 inches to 6 inches. We also carry all of the necessary fittings associated with the above products.

Standard Concrete Products sells the full line of both 6 inch and 8 inch Form-A-Drain fittings and pipes. Form-a-drain is ideal for foundation drainage.

NDS Drain
Standard Concrete Products has both 3 inch and 4 inch NDS channel drains with grates and all of the available fittings. We can special order mini channel, microchannel, DuraSlope and the Pro Series styles depending on you project requirements