Shovels and Wheelbarrows
Standard Concrete Products sells multiple styles of shovels. We have Jackson contractor grade 399 shovels along with shovels manufactured by Falcon and Eagle. We also sell Brentwood Industries wheelbarrows and Jackson wheelbarrows

Raingear, Boots and Gloves
Standard Concrete Products carries a full line of protective raingear in a large range of sizes. We also stock various sizes of Treds and concrete boots. Standard Concrete Products has gloves for every need. Some of the styles that we carry are work gloves, cold weather gloves, latex gloves, acid gloves, and both lined and unlined gloves.

Standard Concrete Products has a large selection of safety related products. We have respirators, earplugs, hardhats, reflective vests, traffic cones, caution tape, paper suits, gloves, back support belts, and a large assortment of safety glasses

Standard Concrete Products carries various models of sprayers in both steel and poly that range in size from one to three gallons.

At Standard Concrete Products, we stock a large variety of brushes. Just to name a few: stainless steel scratch brushes, floor brushes, truck brushes, scrub brushes, paint brushes, hand brooms, wisk brooms, corn brooms, and squeegees.

Concrete Tools
We have a full line of concrete tools including; floats, trowels, rubbing stones, marking tools (strait lines and chalk lines), and sponges. Some of the brands that Standard Concrete Products carries are Marshalltown, Goldblatt, Rose, and Kraft.

Masonry Tools
At Standard Concrete Products, we carry all the tools to fit a masons needs. Some of the products we stock are chisels, trowels, stone and masonry hammers, slickers, star drills, tap cons, weep tubes, and marking tools which include strait lines and chalk lines.

Hand Tools
Standard Concrete Products has a large selection of hand tools. Some of our hand tool manufactures are Estwing, Vaughn, Plumb, Starret, Lufkin, and Stanley.

Diamond Blades
Standard Concrete Products stocks diamond blades from Premier, Pearl, and Core Cut. We also have generic blades that are suitable for small projects.

Standard Concrete Products is a Pearl Abrasives dealer. Abrasives work great to cut metal and masonry.

Husqvarna Concrete Saws
Standard Concrete Products has great deals on Husqvarna Concrete Saws. We also have Husqvarna electric cut off saws. Remember that Husqvarna Concrete Saws are available for rent.

ICS Saws
Standard Concrete Products sells ICS Saws which are concrete block chainsaws. Remember that we also have ICS Saws available for rent.

  • Sure Kleen - Standard Concrete Products stocks the full line of Sure Kleen products which includes; chemical cleaners and restorers, veneer stone cleaners, acids, and other products associated with concrete, brick, and masonry. Sure Kleen products are manufactured by Prosoco
  • W.R. Meadows - Standard Concrete Products stocks the full line of W.R. Meadows products which includes; cleaners, sealers, accelerators, curing agents, expansion joint, and non-shrink grout.
  • UGL - Standard Concrete Products stocks the full line of UGL products which includes; Drylok products, chemicals, caulks, and bonding agents.
  • BASF -Standard Concrete Products stocks the full line of BASF products which includes; Thoro products and Sika Flex caulk.
  • DAP - Some of the DAP products that Standard Concrete Products stocks are caulk and plaster.

Standard Concrete Products has a large assortment of caulks. We carry all seven colors of Sika Flex 1a caulk, landscape adhesives, sub floor adhesives, mortar caulk, high heat caulk, foam board adhesive, asphalt and driveway caulks, and crack sealers.

Window Wells
Standard Concrete stocks galvanized window wells in heights ranging between 12” and 36”. Our window wells can be purchased in either straight or rounded styles. To custom order window wells, please speak to our purchasing department.

Foam Insulation Board
Standard Concrete stocks both 2ft and 8ft sheets of foam insulation board.