The Right Foundation

Make sure you choose the right foundation for your next project. Block is sturdy and dependable, while brick can finish off your project with a nice, traditional aesthetic.

Concrete Blocks

Standard Concrete Products has hollow blocks, solid blocks, corners, return corners, and halves, to name a few. All of our blocks come in various sizes, the most popular being an 8x8x16. We have a large inventory to accommodate any size job.


Bond Beam Blocks

Standard Concrete Products carries bond beam blocks in three sizes; 8x8x16, 10x8x16, and 12x8x16.


Chimney Blocks

Standard Concrete Products handles chimney blocks in two sizes but in various styles. We have 16x16x8 chimney blocks with a square hole, or a square hole with a pipe hole. We also have 17x21x8 chimney blocks that are both rectangular holes except one style has a pipe hole and the other doesn’t.


Concrete Lintels

Standard Concrete Products stocks various sizes of concrete lintels.


Splash Blocks

Standard Concrete Products sells splash blocks in three sizes; 2ft, 2 1/2ft, or 3ft.


Bumper Blocks

Standard Concrete Products sells 6ft bumper blocks with pins in both a flat top and round top style.



Standard Concrete Products sells concrete bricks, fire bricks, and red clay bricks.


McAvoy Brick

Standard Concrete is an Authorized Distributor of McAvoy Brick.


Looking to See What We Have For Your Next Project?

Our local showroom is a convenient stop on your way to getting your next project off the ground! You’ll find our staff is friendly and helpful. Their expertise of the bulk materials products we carry will help you choose the best products for your needs