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How Big is Your Scoop?

Our scoop is much larger than you may be accustomed to. We use a quarry loader which can hold a lot of material in its bucket. To determine the amount of material you have; we will weigh your vehicle on our scales before and after being loaded. We believe that this method is the most accurate for our customers rather than selling bulk products by the scoop.

Do You Deliver?

Yes, we can deliver any amount of material that you need. Dump trucks are available for stone, sand, mulch, soil, etc. Our block trucks can haul skids of blocks, bagged products, lintels, concrete stairs, and various other items. We also offer ‘sand boxes’ that each hold a maximum of two tons which can be delivered on the block truck along with your other building materials.

Can You Deliver More Than One Product on the Same Dump Truck While Keeping Them Separated?

No. Unfortunately, if you are looking to have more than one material delivered, you would have to pay a separate delivery fee. Our drivers have no way to dump the materials without them mixing.

Is There a Smaller Dump Truck Available if a Tri-Axle Won’t Fit into the Area that I Need the Material?

Yes. Our single-axle dump trucks can haul up to 9 tons, and are much more compact.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept cash, credit card (with the exception of American Express), and check. We do require that you have your driver’s license number on your check. Also, we are able to set up accounts for customers so that they can charge merchandise directly to it.

What are the Benefits of Having an Account with Standard Concrete Products?

Having an account with us allows you to receive discounts that are relevant to your trade. (For example; if you are a landscaper with an account, you will receive a discount on mulch.) Having an account may also make it easier for you to send your employees in to pick up materials for the job without handing them cash or a company credit card. Another benefit is that it will make returns easier. We can easily look up the original invoice, and quickly complete the transaction without you bringing in your receipt.

What is Your Return Policy?

We require your original invoice at the time of your return. The only way to bypass this is to have an active account with us. A 25% Return Fee is charged on EP Henry and Techo Bloc items. A 10% Return Fee is charged on all other items. Cash returns over $100.00 will be returned by check. Returns originally purchased by credit card will be credited back to your card. Returns must be verified by yard or warehouse personnel. Merchandise must be resalable (we will not accept damaged, expired, or unusable materials.) Returns must be made within 180 days of purchase date on invoice. No returns on special orders.

What Does 1 Ton Look Like?

Imagine a 10ft by 10ft area at 2in deep; that’s one ton. Mulch is the only material that differs, and that is due to its volume.

How Do I Know How Many Tons of Material I will Need?

Our experienced sales team will be happy to calculate this. All we need from you is the length, width, and depth of the area you wish to fill.

Do You Sell Anything that Can Replace the Mulch in My Flower Beds?

Yes. We have a variety of decorative gravels to choose from. The most popular is the lilac brown because it is similar to the color of mulch. We recommend that you choose a stone that is close to ¾” in size. Anything smaller could potentially wash away, and larger stones may be more difficult to weed around. We also recommend laying a weed barrier fabric underneath the gravel to reduce the amount of weeds.

Why Do My Concrete Pavers Have a White Film on Them?

This white film is called ‘efflorescence.’ It is part of the natural curing process of concrete. You should allow at least one year after installing your pavers before sealing them. This is enough time for the majority of the efflorescence to come to the surface. Prior to sealing, you will want to scrub your pavers with a product specifically manufactured to clean efflorescence. If these precautions are not taken; it is possible to seal in the efflorescence.

What Type of Stone Should I Use for My Driveway?

It depends on if you will be paving your driveway or not. If you are not planning to put asphalt down, the ¾” stone would be your best option. If you will be paving, we recommend quarry waste.

What Does the Unit of Measure 'CP' Mean?

CP stands for 100 lbs.

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