Precast Solutions

Whether you need a solid staircase with six steps for that space between the house and the patio, or you need a single step to fill a gap, the experts on our team at Standard Concrete can help you choose the right Precast Solution.


Standard Concrete Products sells sono tube otherwise known as concrete forms in 12ft lengths that range in diameter from 6” to 30”. We will gladly cut any concrete form to your desired length.


Concrete Stairs

Standard Concrete Products sells various sizes of concrete stairs ranging from a single landing to at the most six steps. They are available in 36” and 48” widths.

Brand We Carry

Looking to See What We Have For Your Next Project?

Don’t drive all over town looking for tools and materials. Stop in to see our nice selection we stock in our showroom and in our yard. Our team is ready to answer your questions and here to help guide through the options for your next project.