Just the Right Finishing Touch

Decorative Gravel adds unique texture to your landscaping beds for the perfect pop of color to your yard.

Crushed Brick

Standard Concrete Products sells medium ¾” crushed brick.


Lilac Stone

Standard Concrete Products sells Lilac stone in small ½”, medium ¾”, and large 1.5-2.5”. All of these sizes are available in bulk but only small and medium can be purchased in 75 lbs bags. Lilac stone is very popular as a long term replacement of mulch in gardens and flower beds.


Pocono River Jack

Standard Concrete Products has bulk Pocono River Jack stone in the following sizes; pea, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Pea, small, and medium sizes are available in 75 lbs bags. Pocono River Jack stone is a very smooth stone that is made up of a few different colors.


River Gravel

Standard Concrete Products sells bulk and bagged river gravel in pea 3/8”, small 1/4”–1/2”, medium 3/4”, and large 3-4”. River gravel is a smooth stone that is made up of gravel in a very light color scheme.


Roof Gravel

Standard Concrete Products has medium (1.5-2”) roof gravel in bulk.


White Stone

Standard Concrete Products sells 3/4” medium white stone in bulk.


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