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Coming Spring 2024 - Stihl

Coming Spring 2024 - Stihl

Standard Concrete is excited to announce that we will be selling and servicing Stihl power tools within the next few months. We will carry an industrial line in store that is focused on our customer’s needs. These products will include chainsaws, concrete saws, and trimmers. We will also stock blades, chains, PPE (personal protective equipment), and other accessories. Products that we do not stock can be easily ordered through our sales representatives.

Our new display area for our Stihl merchandise is currently being built. While that is happening, our sale’s staff has been taking courses so we can assist you with your power tool needs.

Our informed sales team will be happy to assist you in picking out and showing you how to use your new Stihl power equipment. Our staff can also help troubleshoot, and perform warranty and non-warranty repairs.


Rock Boss Concrete Saw

The Stihl Rock Boss is a product we are very excited about. Lightweight and easy to transport, it can cut up to 15.7” deep into concrete, reinforced concrete (with rebar up to ½ inch), cinder blocks, masonry bricks, asphalt and soft stone. This gas powered saw will be a great addition to your construction site when you need to get serious with concrete materials

Stihl Concrete Saw


FS 311 Stihl Trimmer

Another product our landscapers will want to add to their equipment arsenal is the Stihl trimmers. One example is the FS 311, which is a gas powered bicycle handle trimmer. It works longer with fewer fuel ups to previous models. It is packed with features for heavy duty trimming.

Stihl Trimmer


In addition to the gas powered equipment, we will also be offering battery powered Stihl products. Battery powered is especially useful in areas where noise can be an issue. Battery powered power tools are becoming more popular and the technology has improved greatly.