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Decorative Gravel

Decorative Gravel

Standard Concrete is your premier supplier of bulk and bagged decorative gravel in York, PA. We have a large selection of colors and sizes. Our bulk decorative gravel is available for dump truck delivery. Bagged decorative gravel can be delivered on our flatbed trucks.

Why You Should Choose Decorative Gravel

First, lets discuss the advantages of using decorative gravel. Decorative gravel is a great substitute for mulch in your garden beds. It does not fade or loose it’s color, which makes annual maintenance minimal. Several years after application, you may need to fill in places that have washed out if you are using smaller stones. Decorative gravel also minimizes insects and mold growth, in comparison to mulch.

Decorative gravel can be used in place of limestone for driveways or walkways. It is far more costly but can significantly change the look of your property.


Factors I Should Consider When Choosing Decorative Gravel

Of course, you should like the aesthetic of the decorative gravel you choose. Your stone will stay where you put it for a very long time (forever, unless you decide to change it.) We have several styles to choose from and recommend that you stop by to see them in person prior to placing your order.

Round stones are better for places people will be walking. Jagged edge stones are best for compacting. Both round and jagged stones work well for flower beds.

We stock several sizes of each style of decorative gravel. 3/4” is the most common. Larger stones will work well for drainage areas. Extra large stones look great randomly mixed in with ¾” gravel for decorative purposes. Small pea size gravel is commonly used for pathways. This is because it is easier to walk on with your bare feet.

How Much Should I Order

Rule of thumb is 1 ton of stone equals 100 square feet at 2” deep. We usually recommend that you figure on laying your gravel at a depth of 3” for maximum coverage.

Our sales team will gladly help you determine how much you need. Just call us at 717-843-8074 with the length, width, and depth of the area you are trying to cover.


What We Have Available

Pocono Jack

Pocono Jack is one of our most popular decorative gravels. This stone is dredged from riverbeds which gives you it it’s smooth edges. Pocono Jack is a mixture of grays, tans, and red colors. This stone is a favorite for flower beds. We sell Pocono Jack in the following sizes:

  • Pea                                         (bulk and 75# bags)
  • Small                                      (bulk and 75# bags)
  • Medium                                   (bulk and 75# bags)
  • Large                                      (bulk and 75# bags)
  • X-Large                                   (bulk only)


Medium Pocono Jack


River Gravel

River gravel is also dredged from riverbeds but is made up of lighter tans and white colors. It has smooth rounded edges and is available in the following sizes:

  • Pea           3/8”                     (bulk and 75# bags)
  • Small        ½” – ¼”                (bulk and 75# bags)
  • Medium     ¾”                       (bulk and 75# bags)
  • Large        3”-4”                    (bulk and 75# bags)


Medium River Gravel


Lilac Brown

Lilac brown stone is commonly used in place of mulch. It is a brownish purple jagged edged stone. Our Lilac stone is available in these sizes:

  • Small        ½”                       (bulk and 75# bags)
  • Medium    ¾”                        (bulk and 75# bags)
  • Large        5”-2.5”                  (bulk only)


Medium Lilac


White Stone

White stone is our lightest color stone. The color of this stone varies depending on the vein of the quarry we are acquiring it from. It can range from almost pure white to a mixture of whites, grays, and pinks. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the purer white color in several years. White stone is a jagged edged stone. We do not have it available in bags but do stock it in bulk in the following size:

  • Medium   ¾”


3/4″ White Stone


Rose Color Stone

Rose Color Stone is like the white stone but consistently has more of a pink rosy hue to it. It is also a jagged edge stone. Rose color stone is available in bulk in the following size:

  • Medium   ¾”


3/4″ Rose Stone


Roof Gravel

Roof gravel is almost the same as river gravel. It has the same light tan color scheme and has rounded smooth edges. The difference is that roof gravel has one flat side on every stone. This helps the roof gravel to stay on and better adhere to a roof. Roof gravel is only available bulk in this size:

  • Medium   5”-2”


1.5″-2″ Roof Gravel


Crushed Brick

Crushed brick is just how it sounds, small pieces of crushed brick. It is more orange in color than our lilac brown stone. It is jagged and porous in texture. We have cruched brick available only in bulk in the following size:

  • ¾”


3/4″ Crushed Brick


Crushed Granite

Crushed granite is dark gray and jagged. Many people choose crushed granite if they are looking for a black stone. This stone is not available in bags, but you can purchase it in bulk in the following size:

  • ¾”


3/4″ Crushed Granite


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